Drainage Contractor


To many, the home is usually a sanctuary in which they seek refuge after the stressful activities of the day. It offers the comfort that you need after a long day’s work. Your home needs to be in the best possible form in order for it to live up to this reputation. This is actually what A- Cass Paving and Masonry helps you achieve. We not only take charge of creating a stylish home for you, but also making it comfortable, transforming it into a haven for relaxation. Poor drainage is problem that commonly troubles home owners, making it hard for them to bring the best out of their property.

Observing flood water collecting around the house? Well, it is time you took some action before it causes any serious damage to the building. Our drainage contractors are knowledgeable in the field and can be of real help in sorting it out. By procuring a French drain installation, you can rest assured that this issue will be well taken care of. The French drain is a pretty popular way of channeling water away from your property. It is basically constituted of a trench that empties its water away from the affected area. The drain is basically filled with gravel and a pipe or piping system at the bottom of the trench that slants towards the other direction of the structure. We will design the system in a way that you can channel the water as far away from your home as possible.

The landscape functions vitally in accentuating the general beauty of your home or business premises. Water problems caused by poor drainage can often lead to the degradation of the landscape taking away its visual appeal in the process. We have a team of drainage contractors who have got vast knowledge in the landscape drainage field. They have all the skill and experience they need to create an appropriate drainage for your property. Using suitable procedures, our workmanship will craft the drainage system in a way that is both stylish and effective.

For property owners who value natural beauty, you can be guaranteed the fact that our landscaping services will not leave this dimension out. We are aware of how floral beauty can add to the allure of home. Our landscape drainage methods will only channel the water away while leaving the flora to grow and enhance the beauty of your home.

Water intrusion can be of great negative effect to a building. You will occasionally find the certain parts of the house such as the basement dump, or even in some occasions, dripping. Even worse, floods can completely drench the foundation and the walls and may even result in their collapse. To prevent this from occurring, you will need to take the proper drainage measures. When you summon the services of our contractors, they will come over to assess the problem and enlist the best possible water diversion method. They will work out the installation leaving your property to no threat from water problems.