Paving Contractor


If you seek the best looking house in the neighborhood, you should probably turn to A- Class Paving and Masonry. We are a paving and masonry company that is committed to serving the interests of our clients. The contentment of our clients with the services that we offer is something that we greatly value and will do literally anything to achieve. This is without a doubt one of the reasons that we remain that most trusted masonry and paving company in New Jersey. We are made up of a team of hardworking professionals who have the ability to offer just any service that you may need in this platform.

We have impeccable driveway paving skills that puts us on top of any other such companies in the region. Our workmanship is success oriented and the services they have to offer is exactly what you need if you are to secure yourself an amazingly beautiful home. Our company understands all that you need to have yourself that incredible home that you so desire. Our paving services are well tailored to meet all your needs. We can offer custom installations depending on your description of what you would want your driveway to look like.

Quality is another thing that A- Class Paving and Masonry guarantees its clients. For durability to be ensured, we use some of the best quality materials from trusted producers and suppliers. The quality of these materials will see to it that your pavements last for longer periods of time without needing maintenance or repair.

There are quite a lot of factors that may compromise the looks of your outdoor area, especially with regards to the walkways, driveways and stoops. Cracks or chips will leave them looking old and may even contribute to their further destruction. There are also instances in which they fade and are left looking pretty old. If you are experiencing this, you should not be too worried as A- Class Paving and Masonry is here to sort this out. We offer stunning repair and maintenance services that will leave your driveways and walkways looking newer than you had ever anticipated. What’s more, you do not even have to worry about the cost asphalt driveway installation will take as we offer highly competitive prices that are easy to shoulder.

Our company works under the principles of honesty and trustworthiness which has been one of the major reasons behind the fact that we are the most trusted paving and masonry company in New Jersey. While we are aware of the fact that the quality of installations and the durability of the pavements are some of the important factors clients look out for, it does not leave our minds for one moment that the budget is also a critical factor to be conscious of. We therefore work determinedly towards ensuring that we keep the installations as cost effective as possible. We give you the best asphalt quotes that will ensure that all the services offered and the materials used are within the budget.